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    Your website is terrible, how do you get to your menu.

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    Friendly staff. Great food. Great new addition to the Ave!
    Stop by for lunch between class, food is prepared quickly and deliciously!

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    This place recently opened and the service reflected that. There were several chicken dishes that they ran out of by the time we stopped by (at around 6PM) and the waiter was busy with several tables and didn't stop by to fill our water glasses.

    The inside was small, but nice and clean. The murals along the walls are pleasant. The menu was a bit difficult to understand. There weren't any descriptions under the food items, so there were several items that I wasn't sure about. For instance, there was something called 'Home Made Chicken' and another dish called 'Tofu Beef Pudding.' I heard that the Home Made chicken was a specialty there, so we took the hit and ordered it, and I'm glad we did because it was great! I didn't know what to expect at all, but when the dish came out, it was tender pieces of fried chicken. The chicken was covered in jalapeños and peppers, with a nice crispy breading out the outside. Don't worry! Despite the peppers and jalapeños, it wasn't too spicy. In fact, the cucumber side dish that we ordered was spicier than the chicken. Well, it wasn't spicy, so much as it left a pleasant tingle in your mouth. I recommend the cucumber dish as a side, as it was pickled and refreshing! The noodles in the beef noodle dish we ordered had the perfect texture--chewy in the center. The portions are also large, so order a couple dishes to share!

    Overall, the food is great with large portion sizes. I left out one star due to the service, but they just opened a couple weeks ago, so I'm sure they will improve over time.

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    It was newly opened on the Ave, and my friends and I had dinner here. Not big space, but Szechuan style inner decoration was good. We had steamed chicken with chili sauce for appetizer. The chicken was tender, and tasted good. We had homemade chicken, boiling fish, steamed ribs, tofu pudding beef and stir fried cabbage. The homemade chicken was recommended by the waiter, and it turned out to be one of my favorite. It was deep fried chicken, and stir fried with peppers and peanuts. The boiling fish was also my favorite, with lots red pepper and the true spicy taste! Other stuffs were all yummy! And the price was really decent. We enjoyed our dinner and will definitely return.

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    This place is delicious. In the location that was previously Silk Road Noodle, they've remodeled the interior since then and done some menu changes. Their noodle soup is just as fabulous as before, but they've increased there menu in other items. I can wait to give more things there a try! Their spicy soup will make your lips numb faster than you can believe, which can be fun.

    This is definitely English as a second language place with the majority of patrons and owners/employees being Chinese. The food is legit good and the prices are reasonable.

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